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How to Draw the Union Jack

Find the best pages showing how to draw the Union Jack. Whether you are making flags for the royal wedding celebrations or simply want to use the iconic image for a project you'll find great instructions here.

The Union Jack is surprisingly difficult to draw. Despite its strong image, to draw the flag correctly you need to know how it is constructed. We have found five really good pages that will show you all you need to know about drawing the Union Jack. This ranges from an accurate set of instructions that clearly show the flag's proportions, images of the flags that make up the Union Jack and a tutorial showing how to make a stylized Union Jack.

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How to Accurately Draw the Union Jack

This is detailed set of instructions showing how to accurately draw the Union Jack. This is definitely a page for the purists, giving accurate proportions and pantone colour codes.


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The Flags of the Union Jack

This is a useful page if you are looking to learn how to draw the Union Jack. This shows the flags that make up the Union Jack or Union flag. The flag images are free to download.


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Union Jack Template

Use this accurate template as a guide for drawing your own Union Jack flags. This is accurately proportioned. The site contains a wealth of other useful information about the Union Jack and other flags.


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How to Draw the Union Jack Flag Tutorial

This tutorial is a step by step guide to drawing the Union Jack. The instructions are simple to follow and this will help you draw a Union Jack that is ideal for royal wedding celebrations.


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Blank Union Jack Template for Coloring

This is a blank Union Jack template for coloring and is ideal if you don't fancy drawing your own Union Jack Flag.


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